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Custom Design Precast is proud to offer a variety of colors, textures and finishes. With over 30 years of expertise in precast architectural techniques, we stand ready to meet the demands of our clients with products of outstanding quality available in a diverse selection.

Our precast concrete is made by mixing cement, aggregate and color as required and pouring the mixture into a form. The concrete is usually reinforced with steel to make the piece stronger. Once the mixture has begun to cure, the form is removed. Then, exposed faces are usually finished by sandblasting, acid washing or other means.

Precast concrete pieces can come in a variety of colors and finishes. Custom forms can be built, thereby allowing for an unlimited design capability with the product. The economics of architectural precast concrete is that many pieces can be poured from the same form.

Connections can be as versatile as the pieces themselves. Steel or other connection hardware can be embedded in the concrete, and bolted or welded to the supporting structure. The pieces themselves can act as structural elements.

NaturaStone Colors

NaturaStone is a precast concrete material manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, aggregate, water, and color to simulate natural stone. It has a similar appearance, texture and color to a good grade of natural cut stone. Manufactured in custom forms, NaturaStone can be made into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes.

NaturaStone Colors

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Exposed Aggregate Finishes

All Custom Design Precast site furnishings that are made of exposed aggregate have an application of sealant for a durable finish that also enhances the beauty of the exposed stones.

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Ground Exposed Finish (Tables only)

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